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Guy Fawkes Statute - Bridgewater somerset england


Place: Bridgewater   |   Category: Public Art   |   Photograph Added: 8th April 2011   |   Photo Reference: 392-IWP_060809_7912.jpg

Guy Fawkes is celebrated as a local hero in Bridgewater because the 1605 Gunpowder Plot is thought to have been masterminded by Robert Parsons who was born in the nearby village of Nether Stowey. The carnival season sees Guy Fawkes honoured with an illuminated procession through the town centre which culminates in the ‘Squibbing’. A squib is the local name for a firework. This is held aloft by a person known as a "squibber" on the end of a long wooden handle called a "cosh". At the Carnival one hundred squibbers stand in line in Bridgwater town centre.

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