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Walking along the Pier - Clevedon somerset england


Place: Clevedon   |   Category: Architecture   |   Photograph Added: 18th August 2009   |   Photo Reference: 170-IWP_070809_7775.jpg

Look closely at this view taken looking back along the length of the pier and you can see some of the brass plaques which have been one of the biggest fund raisers for Clevedon Pier. Since Clevedon Pier was rebuilt in 1989, over 10,000 brass plaques have been donated to raise funds. These plaques come in various sizes and they can be engraved with any specific words that are required. Some are in memory of a loved one either human or pet others remember a kindness, or an anniversary, birthdays are popular, anything goes. When we were on the pier we noticed someone looking at a plaque that they had sponsored and explaining the significance to a young girl.

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