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The Song of the Helix - Clevedon somerset england


Place: Clevedon   |   Category: Public Art   |   Photograph Added: 20th August 2009   |   Photo Reference: 164-IWP_070809_7749.jpg

The Song of the Helix sculpture on Clevedon Pier by Pat Daw Sculptor August 1999. Carved from Greenheart OCOTEA RODIAEI possibly imported from Guyana. The sculpture is designed to combine the natural and man-made. Pebbles and a screw which Pat Daw thought was a metaphor for the Victorians era dominance of the world of nature. Helix or screw thread she thought was the epitome of mechanical force and engineering efficiency. The whole sculpture was made using only hand-held power tools and conventional carving tools. It is a very tactile object and it is in a lovely setting.

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