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Below are the photos currently available. Click a thumbnail to see a larger versions. This site is updated often so please check back soon.
St Cuthbert   - Wells Somserset photos
St Cuthbert
the Church of St Cuthbert in Wells dates from the ....
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Well Manicure Lawn - Wells Somserset photos
Well Manicure Lawn
The football pitch stripes on the vast expanse of ....
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St Marys Church  - Wells Somserset photos
St Marys Church
St Mary's Church at Wells is often overlooked in f....
Wells Cathedral - Wells Somserset photos
Wells Cathedral
One of the smallest cities in England is to be fou....
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Painted Pink - Wells Somserset photos
Painted Pink
The City Arms looks so pretty painted in pink but ....
Busy Street - Wells Somserset photos
Busy Street
The cathedral at Wells is part of the town and loo....
The City Arms  - Wells Somserset photos
The City Arms
The City Arms pub in wells was originally The City....
Moat and Ducks - Wells Somserset photos
Moat and Ducks
The Bishop's Palace at Wells is resplendent with a....
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The Bag Lady - Wells Somserset photos
The Bag Lady
The Bag Lady and the other stall holders were pack....
The Drawbridge is Down - Wells Somserset photos
The Drawbridge is Down
The Bishops Palace at Wells was just about to clos....


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