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Below are the photos currently available. Click a thumbnail to see a larger versions. This site is updated often so please check back soon.
Moat - Wells Somserset photos
Wells might be one of the smallest city in England....
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Reflected Trees - Wells Somserset photos
Reflected Trees
Wells Cathedral is dedicated to St Andrew the Apos....
Swan in the Moat - Wells Somserset photos
Swan in the Moat
The Bishop's Palace at Wells is world famous for t....
Magnificent Building - Wells Somserset photos
Magnificent Building
Wells is a relatively small place so it is amazing....
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Imposing Facade - Wells Somserset photos
Imposing Facade
The grounds of Wells cathedral are very well kept ....
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Magnificent Exterior - Wells Somserset photos
Magnificent Exterior
Wells cathedral is gorgeous to look at and we saw ....
Cathedral Towers - Wells Somserset photos
Cathedral Towers
The architecture of the cathedral is entirely Got....
The Cathedral - Wells Somserset photos
The Cathedral
Wells Cathedral is dedicated to St Andrew the Apos....
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Moat and Walls - Wells Somserset photos
Moat and Walls
Like many great buildings different parts have bee....
Swans and Palace - Wells Somserset photos
Swans and Palace
The Bishop's Palace and accompanying Bishops House....
Wells Shopping - Wells Somserset photos
Wells Shopping
There is a thriving market at the cathedral end of....
Historic Wells - Wells Somserset photos
Historic Wells
Wells might be the the smallest city in England bu....


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