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Below are the photos currently available. Click a thumbnail to see a larger versions. This site is updated often so please check back soon.
The George Hotel - Wedmore Somserset photos
The George Hotel
The George Hotel was sadly closedwhen we visited w....
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St. Marys Church - Wedmore Somserset photos
St. Marys Church
The beautiful church of St Marys at Wedmore is ver....
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Courtyard at Wedmore - Wedmore Somserset photos
Courtyard at Wedmore
In this pretty courtyard is a round pond which is ....
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Garden Display - Wedmore Somserset photos
Garden Display
Wedmore looked very colourful and the village cer....
Garden Scarecrow - Wedmore Somserset photos
Garden Scarecrow
An amusing scarecrow in a garden at Wedmore. with ....
Strange Characters at Wedmore - Wedmore Somserset photos
Strange Characters at Wedmore
A colourful floral display at Wedmore had a couple....
Wedmore Post Office - Wedmore Somserset photos
Wedmore Post Office
Wedmore post office was at the hub of the village ....
Dog and Cat on the Street - Wedmore Somserset photos
Dog and Cat on the Street
Someone had a great sense of humour in this crafty....
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Shoe Sign - Wedmore Somserset photos
Shoe Sign
A very high red stiletto shoe shows the location o....
Wedmore Shops - Wedmore Somserset photos
Wedmore Shops
Wedmore has a small selection of shops but there i....


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