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Below are the photos currently available. Click a thumbnail to see a larger versions. This site is updated often so please check back soon.
Historic Buildings - Taunton Somserset photos
Historic Buildings
Taunton is an historic county town and it is possi....
Cider Press and the Moat House - Taunton Somserset photos
Cider Press and the Moat House
The 17th century cider press was presented to Taun....
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Historical Taunton - Taunton Somserset photos
Historical Taunton
The historical buildings in Taunton can be enjoyed....
Fruit Stall  - Taunton Somserset photos
Fruit Stall
Fresh fruit on sale from a stall in Taunton shoppi....
Dellers Wharf Nightclub - Taunton Somserset photos
Dellers Wharf Nightclub
Dellers Wharf is Taunton's longest running nightcl....
Hatchers Department Store - Taunton Somserset photos
Hatchers Department Store
Hatcher's Department Store is one of Tuanton's old....
Taunton Shopping - Taunton Somserset photos
Taunton Shopping
Taunton centre is scattered with fine buildings, ....
Flower Display - Taunton Somserset photos
Flower Display
Well kept floral display in Taunton centre which w....
Taunton Cider Company - Taunton Somserset photos
Taunton Cider Company
A 17th century cider mill which was presented to t....
The Moat House at Taunton - Taunton Somserset photos
The Moat House at Taunton
The Moat House at Taunton is an impressive buildin....
Busy Shopping Centre - Taunton Somserset photos
Busy Shopping Centre
When the traffic lights changed there was a surge ....
Debenhams at Taunton - Taunton Somserset photos
Debenhams at Taunton
Taunton has an amazing number of shops including a....


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