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Below are the photos currently available. Click a thumbnail to see a larger versions. This site is updated often so please check back soon.
Church and Grave Stones - Selworthy Somserset photos
Church and Grave Stones
In the churchyard of the Church of All Saints is a....
Church of All Saints  - Selworthy Somserset photos
Church of All Saints
The Church of All Saints at Selworthy has been des....
Peaceful Seat - Selworthy Somserset photos
Peaceful Seat
Selworthy village is so pretty that it can be quit....
Charming Village - Selworthy Somserset photos
Charming Village
Selworthy is located on the Minehead side of Porlo....
Cottage in the Trees - Selworthy Somserset photos
Cottage in the Trees
The chimneys of the cottages at Selworthy are very....
Leafy path - Selworthy Somserset photos
Leafy path
The National Trust has a gift shop at Selworthy p....


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