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Below are the photos currently available. Click a thumbnail to see a larger versions. This site is updated often so please check back soon.
Ancient Town - Bruton Somserset photos
Ancient Town
Bruton is a fairly small but ancient town in the o....
Kings School - Bruton Somserset photos
Kings School
King’s School was founded in 1519 and it is a c....
School - Bruton Somserset photos
Kings School is an impressive building which was ....
Church of St Mary - Bruton Somserset photos
Church of St Mary
The 14th-century Church of St Mary, is a Grade I....
Bridge over the River - Bruton Somserset photos
Bridge over the River
Bruton in located 11 miles south east of Wells on ....
Bridge over the River Brue - Bruton Somserset photos
Bridge over the River Brue
An old bridge over the river Brue. Bruton itself ....
Eovi and She Male - Bruton Somserset photos
Eovi and She Male
Someone has defaced the sign post which should of ....
Leafy river - Bruton Somserset photos
Leafy river
The River Brue rises in Kingswood Warren in the pa....
Large Stepping Stones - Bruton Somserset photos
Large Stepping Stones
Bruton is located on the River Brue seven miles so....
Meandering River - Bruton Somserset photos
Meandering River
The vast amount of greenery and different plant ty....
Quaperlake Street Sign - Bruton Somserset photos
Quaperlake Street Sign
Quaperlake Street is an old street in Bruton as m....
Bruton Library - Bruton Somserset photos
Bruton Library
This fine building came about in 1885 when Miss Fr....


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