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Below are the photos currently available. Click a thumbnail to see a larger versions. This site is updated often so please check back soon.
Rock Groynes - Minehead Somserset photos
Rock Groynes
Minehead beach sits between four rock groynes and ....
Navigation Marker - Minehead Somserset photos
Navigation Marker
This navigation marker makes a great focal point f....
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Seats along Minehead Seafron - Minehead Somserset photos
Seats along Minehead Seafron
Minehead sea front has more that enough seats for ....
Gathering Rain Clouds - Minehead Somserset photos
Gathering Rain Clouds
The clouds and the white tents of Butlins are refl....
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Minehead Seafront - Minehead Somserset photos
Minehead Seafront
Minehead sea front makes a pleasant walk and a lot....
Looking across the Beach at Minehead - Minehead Somserset photos
Looking across the Beach at Minehead
Minehead had often been described as the Gateway t....
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Minehead Harbour - Minehead Somserset photos
Minehead Harbour
The evening light on the water at Minehead Harbour....
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Hairy Dog Restaurant - Minehead Somserset photos
Hairy Dog Restaurant
In spite of its unusual name the Hairy Dog is an A....
Minehead Main Street - Minehead Somserset photos
Minehead Main Street
There are any number of places in Minehead to get ....
Across the Wet Sand to Butlins - Minehead Somserset photos
Across the Wet Sand to Butlins
The white tent tops clearly visible from the beach....
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